Saturday, June 4, 2011

Full Review Blackberry PlayBook

Well, everybody jumps on board the bandwagon now are not - for example, be more successful than others. Latest company to jump into the lake of convergence RIM - oddly enough, it has never been a big innovation and stick to the tested devices. Since the same scenario?

At first it was not quite sure what the line brand, "Rome," but ultimately concluded that it's pretty clever. Although the plays reads like a gadget I would buy four years, RIM tried to try to position themselves on common business tool-setting. No, it's business users will be forgotten - you will find a Documents To Go on board, as well as Word and Adobe Reed. However, this does not mean that it's not all on offer, such as PowerPoint presentations and spreadsheets plays.

First impressions

It's still early in the tablet market, and policies are still trying to decide what the best size. In fact, we would go so far as to say, buyers are still deciding what size the better. Samsung, for example, both published and 8.9in 10.1in tablet form of the Galaxy Tab 10,1 and 8,9, but RIM has decided to opt for a more modest seven-inch screen. In fact, this is a very thick border (more on that later), but still makes it an extremely portable tablet. Well, you'd be hard to slip in your pocket, but it can easily fit into a smaller package, without the weight. It is very thin - only 10 mm thick - not thin enough, IPAD than 2, but rather how many competitors.

If you hold the device in a horizontal mode, the BlackBerry logo sit below the screen, you will find the power button on the top of the tablet. If you want to lock the screen, quickly press it to turn off or reboot, you need more press. There are three multimedia keys volume and pause / play, and 3,5 mm audio jack on the right. We were not quite sure what RIM has been on the port to start this - the last thing I want is the headset lead into the final of the screen when watching videos. But because of the screen reorientates themselves in any way you can keep your car, you have a headset port at the bottom of the tablet when watching movies. On the other side sits the port HDMI, port MicroUSB and docking port - we believe this means that is likely to be treated with some increase in the near future.

Start of the review, suggested that RIM is not too good to be innovative - and it's not the case with plays. This thick boundary we have actually used for navigation on the device. Scale in various areas of the border, and then perform various tasks. Strike down, for example, makes connectivity options. Scrounge up the bottom and you'll see all menus. Scope to bring about a virtual keyboard on the bottom left. This is not a light or icon, but once you get the hang of it, it is smooth, how they work.

On the screen

The screen is incredibly bright, up to 16 million colors and stunning resolution of 600x1024. This is an incredibly tactile, and we found it was easy to steal Windows and menus. QWERTY-keyboard in landscape mode is especially good if you can sit in the middle finger buttons do not need to move the hand, or stretch in any case. Instead of the normal Haptic response, press a button and you'll be rewarded with a tinny sound to let you know the key is accepted. The only thing that took us some time to cope with the fact that all the keys sitting on the left side of the keyboard rather than the more familiar position at the top. Not a big problem, but it's only one thing you have to get used to.


Android have a lot of pills on the market, but the BlackBerry, like Apple, has decided to use its own operating system - the name of QNX. Multitasking is a key part of the plays, and it very quickly. We were told that you can run up to 50 applications, and does not affect the speed, but I must say, that stopped when we reached 15 - at this stage, we were able to power through pages of amazing speed. There are two ways to switch between programs - first, you can move them to the bottom of the screen to minimize them and then cover to the left or right (this will also open a menu, if you want to open multiple programs). Second, you can move left or right side of the border that will keep open programs. You can also specify programs to run continually in the background, once you have them at least, or for them to break when you do this.

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